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About Us

PSA Cleaners is a well known and recognized name in the cleaning industry. Our reputation reveals the value and significance that we place on cleaning every commercial and residential building using the highest quality in the industry. We have many years of experience working closely with agents, landlords, business owners, homeowners, and tenants.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services such as regular cleans, once-off cleans, end of lease and bond cleans and builders’ cleans. We take the burden out of retaining the high standards of cleanliness that you and your family deserve. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently our team of cleaners will have your home looking spotlessly clean – for your enjoyment. Our dedicated team of cleaners is available whenever you need them – weekly, fortnightly, monthly and at a time that suits you.

We are the Best and Cheap cleaning company in Sydney.

With over a decade of experience, we specialize in end of lease cleaning, Strata Cleaning, Apartment Unit Cleaning,  commercial cleaning, Carpet steam cleaning and Domestic Cleaning. We also have an extensive checklist of cleaning criteria. You can trust us to deliver on the given promise. Because our cleaners always do their job perfectly.

Why Choose PSA Cleaners Sydney?

  • Professional and  Secure Services

Our trustworthiness, stability and dealing experience make us into one of the top recommendations in Sydney. We handle every the focus residences including Kitchen area, Restroom, Rooms, Family Room, Hallway.

  • Quality Control

We provide quality work and affordable price. You will receive probably the most comprehensive sanitizing packages at value prices that fit your budget.

  • 100% Quality Guarantee

100% Quality Guarantee is something that we are proud of. With our professional staff, who actually love what they do, the quality of the service never disappoints.

If you think we have what it takes, then give us the call now, and let us handle the rest…

You don’t need to worry about a thing! Check out our easy online booking or call our team on 0413347304, we’re here to help.